The Evil Within (Limited Edition)


The Dutch Limited Edition contains the game (IL-48192-DUT), Sebastian's Diary (featuring imagery from the game), a sheet with a DLC code for The Fighting Chance Pack, and a lenticular art card. The box has a cut-out in the front, using the lenticular card as part of the front cover art. The game also contains an advertisement for the season pass.

Some pre-ordered games came with a soundtrack CD.

Publication details

PC DVD-ROM retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
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release date
ZeniMax Media


Front of box
1. Front of box

Back of box
2. Back of box

Lenticular card
3. Lenticular card

Front of case
4. Front of case

Back of case
5. Back of case

Disc 1
6. Disc 1

Disc 2
7. Disc 2

Disc 3
8. Disc 3

Disc 4
9. Disc 4

Front of manual
10. Front of manual

Back of manual (censored code)
11. Back of manual (censored code)

Front of DLC sheet
12. Front of DLC sheet

Back of DLC sheet (censored code)
13. Back of DLC sheet (censored code)

Front of advertisement
14. Front of advertisement

Back of advertisement
15. Back of advertisement

Front of diary
16. Front of diary

Back of diary
17. Back of diary


Thanks to MobyGames (images 1-17).