The Evil Within


This edition was released in all of Latin America. There may be contents differences among the different countries, or sticker variants.

At least in Brazil, the game came with a Portuguese manual, a Spanish manual, a DLC sheet in Portuguese and Spanish with a code for The Fighting Chance Pack, and an advertisement for the season pass, which seems to be double-sided with Portuguese and Spanish on each of the sides. Blue print on the back states that the disc was made in Mexico.

The label on the cover states that it came with a special edition cover, like it says on the North American editions with lenticular cover. However, it only came in a normal cover. It seems the wrong text was sent in for translation.

Publication details

XONE retail game
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
Mexico (?)
released in
Brazil Mexico
release date
ZeniMax Media


1. Front

2. Back

3. Disc

Front of Portuguese manual
4. Front of Portuguese manual

Front of Spanish manual
5. Front of Spanish manual

Front of Portuguese and Spanish DLC card
6. Front of Portuguese and Spanish DLC card

Portuguese side of season pass advertisement
7. Portuguese side of season pass advertisement

Spanish side of season pass advertisement
8. Spanish side of season pass advertisement


Thanks to Mercado Libre México (images 1-2) and Mercado Livre Brasil (images 3-8).