Resident Evil Series Collection (Simplified Chinese Version)


The official Chinese box set collects:

  • Resident Evil I (Simplified Chinese Version)
  • Resident Evil 2 Leon Police Officer (Complete Chinese Edition)
  • Resident Evil 2 Claire (Complete Chinese Edition)
  • Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (Simplified Chinese Edition)
  • Resident Evil 3 Original Soundtrack

The items were packaged in a picture outer box and a white inner box. The four game discs came in a 4CD case with front and back inserts. In addition it came with three manuals and a registration card.

The four game discs and two of the manuals are the same as released individually. They were probably unsold stock repackaged into this box set. The manual titled Resident Evil 2 Complete Chinese Version was unique to this set. Some sets may have come with old Resident Evil 2 Leon Police Officer manuals.

The soundtrack is the same as also included with Resident Evil 3 Nemesis (Platinum Collector's Edition), but considering that it was a limited item it may have been repressed for this box set.

The matrix codes below are missing the Resident Evil 2 codes as they have not been confirmed. The incomplete codes are missing mould IFPI codes, these should all start on Y1 followed by two digits to identify Shanghai United Optical Disc Co., Ltd., which pressed most if not all of Ubi Soft's games.


Disc 1
  1. The Last Escape
  2. Option Screen
  3. Title Calling
  4. Her Determination
  5. The Opening
  6. The Beginning of Nightmare
  7. Is There a Way Out?
  8. The Great Novelist
  9. Free From Fear
  10. Meeting Brad
  11. Cold Sweat
  12. The City of Ruin
  13. Imminent Slaughter
  14. Nemesis' Theme
  15. Feel the Tense
  16. The Front Hall
  17. The First Floor
  18. All Dressed Up
  19. The City Without Hope
  20. Watch Out For Your Back
  21. Carlos' Theme
  22. Never Give Up the Escape
  23. Nicholai's Theme
  24. Together for the Escape
  25. Valediction
  26. Coldhearted Soldier
  27. Quick and Fast Relief
  28. The Common Cure
  29. Escape to Ecstasy
  30. Zombies Trespassing
  31. Free Falling
  32. Abrupt Gunfire
  33. Don't Come Any Closer!
  34. Complete Rest
  35. Hero Time
  36. S.G.G.S. Explosion
  37. Pride and Valor
  38. An Impending Danger
  39. Cable Car Crash
Disc 2
  1. Ominous Premonition
  2. The Clock Tower
  3. Don't Lose Courage
  4. No Rest for the Wicked
  5. Mysterious Orgel (Correct)
  6. Mysterious Orgel (Wrong)
  7. From Relief To Terror
  8. Menacing Nemesis
  9. Unstoppable Nemesis
  10. Bring Back Her Consciousness
  11. The Hospital
  12. Traitor
  13. Almost There...
  14. Nemesis Again
  15. Nothing But a Pawn
  16. Earthquake?
  17. The Grave Digger
  18. The Park
  19. The Abandoned Plant
  20. All Of A Sudden
  21. The Worst Scenario
  22. Defiant Behavior
  23. The Last Arguement
  24. Deservedly Death
  25. Four Minutes Before Treatment
  26. Nemesis Doesn't Give Up
  27. Treated to Resurrect
  28. Missile Approaching
  29. Against The Chopper
  30. Emergency Level D
  31. Nemesis Final Metamorphosis
  32. The Last Decision
  33. The Second Chopper (Ver. 1)
  34. The Second Chopper (Ver. 2)
  35. The Second Chopper (Ver. 3)
  36. Euthanasia Of Racoon City
  37. Unfortunate Event
  38. Staffs & Credits
  39. Ever After
  40. Title Calling (Arranged Ver.)
  41. Choose The Best One
  42. The Doomed City
  43. Hellish Agony
  44. Freedom Obtained
  45. Reward And Result
  46. CM-1 (Short Ver.)
  47. CM-2 (Long Ver.)


Disc 1
  • UBI-EVIL-1(CN) A (incomplete)
Disc 2
  • 0363 RESIDENT EVIL 3 CN (incomplete)
Disc 3
  • UBI-SOUNDTRACK (1) (incomplete)
Disc 4
  • ifpi Y103

Publication details

PC CD-ROM + CD retail box
catalog #
ISBN 7-900011-43-9/G.41
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
released in
release date
2001 (?)
Ubi Soft


Front of box
1. Front of box

Back of box
2. Back of box

Side of box (both sides are the same)
3. Side of box (both sides are the same)

Bottom of box (top is the same)
4. Bottom of box (top is the same)

Inner box
5. Inner box

Front of game case
6. Front of game case

Back of game case
7. Back of game case

spine of game case
8. spine of game case

Resident Evil I disc
9. Resident Evil I disc

Resident Evil 2 Leon Police Officer disc
10. Resident Evil 2 Leon Police Officer disc

Resident Evil 2 Claire disc
11. Resident Evil 2 Claire disc

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis disc
12. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis disc

Resident Evil I manual
13. Resident Evil I manual

Resident Evil 2 Complete Chinese Version manual
14. Resident Evil 2 Complete Chinese Version manual

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis manual
15. Resident Evil 3 Nemesis manual

Front of soundtrack
16. Front of soundtrack

Back of soundtrack
17. Back of soundtrack

Soundtrack disc 1
18. Soundtrack disc 1

Soundtrack disc 2
19. Soundtrack disc 2

Soundtrack matrix disc 1
20. Soundtrack matrix disc 1

Soundtrack matrix disc 2
21. Soundtrack matrix disc 2

Registration card
22. Registration card


Thanks to eBay member panzerhund17 (images 1-4, 14, 16) and (images 5-13, 15, 17-22).