Biohazard RE:2 Z Version (Limited Edition)


Biohazard RE:2 Z Version was sold together with an Umbrella Corporation-branded Qwerkywriter S. It retailed for 91,080 JPY.

The game is identical to the regular edition, and came with reversible cover insert, manual, Samurai Edge DLC sheet, survey card, and two stickers on the front. For more details and images, see the relevant page.

The Qwerkywriter S box is sealed in plastic, and also with a clear, circular sticker. It contains a booklet, the Qwerkywriter S in a plastic bag with a hard plastic cover protecting the keys and soft plastic wrapped around the arm, and a USB cable wrapped in plastic and held together with two metal wires. It was made in China. It could also be purchased individually from e-Capcom for 82,500 yen.

First come, first served copies sold by e-Capcom came bundled with a masking tape wrapped in a plastic sheet and sealed with a paper sticker, resembling an ink ribbon. There were four variants, but only one was included with each package, selected at random.

Publication details

PS4 retail game
catalog #
PLJM 16287
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Front of Qwerkywriter S box
1. Front of Qwerkywriter S box

2. Booklet

Keyboard in plastic inside box
3. Keyboard in plastic inside box

Top of keyboard
4. Top of keyboard

Keyboard details
5. Keyboard details

Front of game with stickers
6. Front of game with stickers

Back of game
7. Back of game


Thanks to TheRelaxingEnd (images 1-5) and MobyGames (images 6-7).