Biohazard RE:2 (Collector's Edition)


The Korean Collector's Edition edition was only released for PlayStation 4. It came in a box with a large obi covering the bottom, similar to the Japanese edition. It contains:

  • Biohazard RE:2 (PLAS 10336) PS4 game
  • Artbook with soundtrack CD
  • R.P.D. poster
  • Leon S. Kennedy figure
  • Extra DLC Pack

The game is the same edition as released by itself, and came with a double-sided insert with alternative cover art. The back part is identical on both sides. It included a manual, a Deluxe Weapons DLC sheet, and a Special Theme 2 DLC sheet.

Inside the box, a cardboard spacer positions the game box, and also holds the Extra DLC Pack sheet, sealed in a plastic sleeve. Removing the spacer reveals the poster and the artbook, which also have additional cardboard spacers around them. The soundtrack CD is placed in a tray in an indentation in the back cover of the book.

Under the artbook, there is finally the box with the statue, held inside a cardboard panel with handles to pull the statue box out of the box. The statue is wrapped in soft plastic and placed inside a hard plastic frame, together with a flashlight, a handgun, and the base.

Pre-ordered copies came with a large desk mat sealed in plastic, with a sticker stating it was made in China.


  1. The Beginning
  2. Raccoon City
  3. R.P.D. Hall
  4. The Beginning of Fear
  5. Fear Again
  6. The Book of Truth
  7. Save Room
  8. Strange Realm
  9. Black Impact
  10. Third Demise
  11. Collapse
  12. Last Judgment
  13. Looming Dread
  14. Consequence
  15. Secret Hope
  16. Absurd Advent
  17. As One Desires
  18. Cerberus
  19. The Straight and Winding
  20. Conflagration
  21. Reliving the Present
  22. Center of Desire
  23. Expansion
  24. Mournful Pursuit
  25. Credits

Publication details

PS4 retail game + CD
catalog #
disc(s) made in
artwork made in
Hong Kong
released in
South Korea
release date
Capcom Asia/ GamePia


Front of box
1. Front of box

Obi detail
2. Obi detail

Game inside box
3. Game inside box

Extra DLC Pack sheet inside box
4. Extra DLC Pack sheet inside box

Artbook and poster inside box
5. Artbook and poster inside box

Front of game
6. Front of game

Front of reverse cover
7. Front of reverse cover

Back of reverse cover
8. Back of reverse cover

Front of book
9. Front of book

Soundtrack CD in tray
10. Soundtrack CD in tray

Front of poster
11. Front of poster

Back of poster
12. Back of poster

Front of statue box
13. Front of statue box

Pre-order desk mat
14. Pre-order desk mat


Thanks to Lemon sunset (images 1, 13), characteria (image 2), Inven (images 3-5, 9-12, 14), ITCM (image 6), and Mercado Libre México (images 7-8).