Biohazard Gun Survivor (Chinese Version)


The game was only released for PC in Asia, this is the edition released in Taiwan. The game is in Chinese. It came sealed in a big artwork box again storing an inner, sturdy cardboard box. The inner box has a slot for the clear, sealed jewelcase with the disc, without any inserts, and can be opened to reveal the large manual and a survey/ registration card.

The catalog number is 020611.01.BH on the sides of the box, but 020601.01.BH on the disc label. The matrix code is also 020611.01.BH, so this is most likely the correct catalog number. The Chinese characters in the matrix code are the title of the game and "Chinese Version", same as the yellow text on the front of the box.

I have seen multiple release dates associated with this game, 2002.10.25 and 2002.09.07. One may refer to the edition released in China. The catalog number appears to be a date followed by 01, indicating that is was the first (and probably only) game released on that date, so I believe that is the correct release date.


  • (Chinese characters) for Win (Chinese characters) 020611.01.BH REV00 2V2F2403A IFPI LH72
  • IFPI H61G

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1. Front

2. Back

Top of box
3. Top of box

Sides of box
4. Sides of box

Bottom of box
5. Bottom of box

Inner box with disc case
6. Inner box with disc case

7. Disc

Manual front
8. Manual front

Manual back
9. Manual back

Front of survey/ registration card
10. Front of survey/ registration card

Back of survey/ registration card
11. Back of survey/ registration card