Penny Royal Tea promo

CD / promo / Geffen / NIRPRO / made in UK (Nimbus) / 1994

The Penny Royal Tea CD promo was manufactured by Nimbus in UK, which was also supposed to press the retail CD singles [1][2]. The boxes with promos, all in slimline cases with MCA promo stickers, were delivered to Geffen's offices, but the boxes were taped back up and sent back to the pressing plant for destruction following the discovery of printing errors in the music publishers' names [1]. "The End Of The Music" should have been "The End Of Music", while "EMI Virgin Music Ltd" should have been "EMI Virgin Music Inc". A corrected pressing never happened because of Kurt Cobain's death.

Normally they had 500 to 1000 copies manufactured of promos like these, split between radio, TV, and sales [1]. Only a few, probably less than 100 copies, were picked up by Geffen and maybe Nimbus employees before destruction.

Retail artwork was designed in the USA, but simple promos like these were designed in the country where they were issued. The person responsible probably spelled the title in the British-English way as it was more natural to him. This is of little importance, and did not contribute towards the destruction of the discs. The printed catalog number is also missing a "1" compared to the catalog number in the matrix code, but the catalog numbers for promos are of little importance, and from Geffen UK often random at the time. The Rape Me/ All Apologies promo issued a few months earlier had the catalog number NIRVA 1, and the Where Did You Sleep Last Night promo issued a few months later had NIRVPRO 1.



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