Pennyroyal Tea American reissue

7" / single / Geffen / B0020225-21 / made in Germany (Pallas) / 2014.04.19

The American reissue for Record Store Day 2014 came with the same records as the European reissue, but with different sleeves. Both came with plain white paper inner sleeves. 6000 copies were made, but it was not specified if it was 6000 of each edition, or 6000 total.

"P.USA -31422-" in the matrix code is machine stamped and identifies that the records were pressed by Pallas in Germany through the Pallas USA partnership described on the Pallas page. The number is their internal job number. The rest of the matrix code is handwritten, most likely by the cutting engineer, who signed it "CB".



Side A
P.USA -31422- CB B0020225-21-A
Side B
P.USA -31422- B0020225-21-B CB

1. Front

2. Back

Side A
3. Side A

Side B
4. Side B