Pennyroyal Tea sleeve and insert

7" and CD artwork / retail / Geffen / GFS/GfSTD 71 / made in UK / 1994

Vinyl and CD singles were most likely never pressed in the UK [1,2], nor vinyl test pressings, but the 7" sleeves (GFS 71) and CD inserts (GfSTD 71) were printed by the time the single was cancelled. The three or four sleeves and the one insert which have surfaced, all in the hands of previous Geffen UK employees, were probably sample sleeves sent to the record label to check if they were as intended, which was common to do [3]. If the full runs were printed, anything between 5000 and 10000 would have been made of each, only to be destroyed [3]. No 12" (GFST 71) nor MC (GFCS 71) sleeves have been found.

The 7" single would contain two tracks, with Where Did You Sleep Last Night as the B-side. The CD would add I Hate Myself And Want To Die to contain the same three tracks as the German CD single. As on the German CD single, the listed track times are incorrect.

Front of 7" sleeve
1. Front of 7" sleeve

Back of 7" sleeve
2. Back of 7" sleeve

CD insert
3. CD insert

Front of CD insert
4. Front of CD insert

Back of CD insert
5. Back of CD insert