Unofficial Pennyroyal Tea items

CD single / GED 21907

Only one counterfeit of the German single exists, and it is easy to spot. It is named the plus version because of its matrix code, which is +++++GED21907+++++, where the pluses extends around the entire matrix ring. The easiest way to spot it is to see whether the reflective metal layer extends all the way to the spindle hole or not. If the area closest to the spindle hole is transparent, the disc is counterfeit. Other errors on the disc are the spelling of "hiring" with an extra "n", "hirinng", and the text on the disc which is black, not dark purple as on the official single.

There are also a few errors on the insert, see for more details.

1. Insert

Disc and matrix
2. Disc and matrix

7" promo / NIRVPRO-3

This 7" appeared in large quantities in March 2004, and presents itself as a German promo. However, the catalog number, matrix codes, DGC logo on the labels, and the UPC code are unlike anything which were made in Germany by Geffen at the time. The sleeve also still has the CDDA logo left over from modifying the CD insert. The matrix codes are NIVPR-03-A and NIRVPR-03-B1.

Sleeve, front and back
3. Sleeve, front and back

4. Labels

7" test pressing / GET 23544 NI(R)VPR-03

This 7" is a white label pressing of the promo above. The handwritten catalog number is an honorable attempt at an official catalog number, but it fails completely as both the prefix and the number are wrong.

5. Labels

CD-R promo / GED241P

This fake CD-R promo appeared in early 2007, along with similar fake CD-R promos such as Love Buzz.

6. Disc