From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

2x12" (black) / test pressing / DGC / DGC2-25105 / made in USA (Quality Record Pressings) / 2015.07.27

The test pressings were made for the 2016 reissue of the album. The two records came in two white cardboard sleeves with stickers on the front. Sides A and C have company labels and stickers with matrix details, while sides B and D have white labels. One copy has been found.

The matrix codes are identical to the original release from 1996, so it is the same cut. "GL" in the matrix codes means that the lacquers were sent to the MCA Gloversville plant back in 1996. The pressing plant closed down in 2005. The new pressing was made at Quality Record Pressings, as shown by the labels.


Side A
  • Intro - 
  • School - 
  • Drain You - 
  • Aneurysm - 
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit - 
  • Been A Son
Side B
  • Lithium - 
  • Sliver - 
  • Spank Thru - 
  • Scentless Apprentice - 
  • Heart-Shaped Box
Side C
  • Milk It - 
  • Negative Creep - 
  • Polly - 
  • Breed - 
  • tourette's - 
  • Blew
Side D
  • Banter


Side A
Side B
Side C
Side D

Stickers on the sleeves
1. Stickers on the sleeves

Side A
2. Side A

Side B
3. Side B

Side C
4. Side C

Side D
5. Side D