the "Priest" they called him (ver. 1)

10" (black) / test pressing / Tim/Kerr Records / TK9210044 / made in USA / 1993.06.01

White label test pressing, black vinyl in a white inner sleeve only. Three or four copies have been found, at least two of them came with blank labels and release sheets. One of those was purchased from an employee of the distributor, Revolver USA. The one without the sheet had "TK-92-10044" and the date "6-1-93" handwritten in blue ink on the white inner sleeve as well as on the label.

What separates this and the more common ver. 2 are different rings in the side A labels and the label areas on side B.



Side A
TK 92-10044 kdisc L-41413
Side B
Not visible

Side A
1. Side A

Side B
2. Side B

Release sheet
3. Release sheet