3x12" (black) / test pressing / Sub Pop / SP25 / made in USA (Erika) / 1988

White label test pressings on black vinyl. The records have handwritten side information on the labels, and came in clear plastic sleeves together with the retail booklet. One set came with additional cardboard sleeves with handwritten title and side information. Two sets have been found.

The lacquers were cut by Carol Hibbs at K Disc, and the metal plates were manufactured by Lee Plating, as evident from the matrix codes. The records were pressed by Erika Records, as mentioned in the booklet.


Side A
  • Sex God Missy (Tad) - 
  • Is It Day I'm Seeing? (The Fluid) - 
  • Spank Thru (Nirvana) - 
  • Come Out Tonight (Steven J. Bernstein)
Side B
  • The Rose (Mudhoney) - 
  • Got No Chains (The Walkabouts) - 
  • Dead is Dead (Terry Lee Hale)
Side C
  • Sub Pop Rock City (Soundgarden) - 
  • Hangin' Tree (Green River) - 
  • Swallow My Pride (Fastbacks)
Side D
  • The Outback (Blood Circus) - 
  • Zoo (Swallow) - 
  • Underground (Chemistry Set)
Side E
  • Gonna Find a Cave (Girl Trouble) - 
  • Split (The Nights and Days) - 
  • Big Cigar (Cat Butt)
Side F
  • Pajama Party In a Haunted Hive (Beat Happening) - 
  • Love or Confusion (Screaming Trees) - 
  • Untitled (Steve Fisk) - 
  • You Lost It (Thrown Ups)


Side A
SP-25-A k disc ch 1 L 32022
Side B
SP-25-B k disc ch L 32022
Side C
SP-25-C k disc ch L 32022
Side D
SP-25-D k disc ch L 32022
Side E
SP-25-E k disc ch L 32022 Buy Sub Pop
Side F
SP-25-F k disc ch L 32022 Buy Sub Pop

Set 1
1. Set 1

Set 2, sleeves
2. Set 2, sleeves

Set 2, side A
3. Set 2, side A

Set 2, side B
4. Set 2, side B

Set 2, side C
5. Set 2, side C

Set 2, side D
6. Set 2, side D

Set 2, side E
7. Set 2, side E

Set 2, side F
8. Set 2, side F