Teriyaki Asthma

7" (black) / test pressing / C/Z Records / C/Z009 / made in USA / 1989

Black vinyl test pressing with inverted labels, from a different release. The records came in white inner sleeves. Three copies came with handwritten catalog number and titles on both side A and B labels. These copies seem to have been labeled by the same person, most likely at C/Z Records. Copy 3 came with the title written by a later owner using a different type of pen, indicating that they originally came blank from the pressing plant.


Side A
  • Mexican Seafood (Nirvana) - 
  • America Is In Good Hands (Helios Creed)
Side B
  • Hole In The Ground (Coffin Break) - 
  • Solid Alligators (Yeast)


Side A
CZ-009-A k disc ch L-33080
Side B
CZ-009-B k disc ch L-33080X

Copy 1, side A
1. Copy 1, side A

Copy 1, side B
2. Copy 1, side B

Copy 2, side A
3. Copy 2, side A

Copy 2, side B
4. Copy 2, side B

Copy 3, side A
5. Copy 3, side A

Copy 4, side A
6. Copy 4, side A

Copy 4, side B
7. Copy 4, side B